Alexa Bliss 'Quite Nervous' About Tonight's Extreme Rules Match, Says She Felt Overlooked In NXT -

Alexa Bliss ‘Quite Nervous’ About Tonight’s Extreme Rules Match, Says She Felt Overlooked In NXT

Alexa Bliss

The Raw Women’s Championship will be on the line tonight at Extreme Rules in the first-ever female Kendo Stick on a Pole Match, as Alexa Bliss defends her title in a rematch against Bayley. She spoke to The Baltimore Sun about tonight’s match and more.

How she and Bayley are polar opposites:

“Oh yeah, we are polar opposites. Bayley is huggable and likes to dole out high fives. I could care less if anyone likes me. I don’t want to touch people, come on. That just makes our rivalry just that much better because we are such opposites that the feud clicks. In the ring, I just find a lot of joy in taking everything that she has away. If she goes to high five someone, I’m going to hit her after she high fives them. It’s just a lot of fun, and makes the feud that much better.”

Bayley being the underdog despite being bigger:

“Here’s the thing with that, Bayley does a great job of doing what she does. She has her strengths. Obviously, she is the ultimate underdog, and I don’t think that my size has an impact on that. I feel like I have a big enough attitude to be 6 feet tall. I think that helps a lot. I just have to make sure that my attitude is big enough to keep it so that nobody likes me. And Bayley knows what she’s doing; she wouldn’t be in the position that she’s in if she didn’t know what she was doing and wasn’t such an amazing underdog.”

How she is preparing for tonight’s match:

“No, I have never. I am quite nervous about it actually. I have hit Bayley with that thing so many times and I have a feeling that she really wants to get me back for that. I’m actually kind of nervous about trying to reach the thing. It’s a race to see who can get to it first. I don’t know if you know this, but I’m 5 feet tall. I don’t know if I can reach all the way up there to grab that stick. Do I let Bayley grab it first and then take it away from her? I don’t know. That’s what my main concern is, what if I climb up there and then just can’t reach it? I’m hoping that doesn’t happen, but if it does, I’ll have to do whatever it takes to get it down.”

Feeling overlooked in NXT:

Yeah, I think it put a chip on my shoulder, and it really drove me. I decided that with this opportunity, I was going to come in under the radar and so I’d have to kick down the door. I wasn’t featured as one of the Four Horsewomen, I wasn’t chosen for that opportunity. I wasn’t highlighted like the other women, but I was still there with all of them. I was there just as long, if not longer, as some of them because I was there before Becky. I came in when Charlotte and Bayley and Sasha were there. I had trained with each and every one of them. I had some of my best matches with Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte took me under her wing when I first got there. I was there for all of it. I just wasn’t featured at that time. So I thought that if I was going to be called to SmackDown, then let them underestimate me and let me come in under the radar so I can kick down the door.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bliss spoke about her skill with a kendo stick, moving to Raw, the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match and more.