Awesome Kong Announces Her Retirement From Wrestling? -

Awesome Kong Announces Her Retirement From Wrestling?

Awesome Kong

Kia Stevens, known as Awesome Kong in TNA and Amazing Kong elsewhere, has announced her retirement from professional wrestling effective immediately.

Citing poor health, she pulled out of show in Japan she was slated to wrestle on this week and announced her retirement in a letter published Sunday on, a Japanese wrestling news website.

Here is a rough translation of the letter, where you can see that it says “Kia Stevens will retire from professional wrestling.”

First, I sincerely apologize that it can not compete in the 25 day Korakuen Hall. Began feeling the accident from this fall to their own physical condition, but has worked in demodulation while visits Today to the state fight with even become (USA 21 date) Japan is in the far state. That you go up to the ring in this state, to compete in the fan of everyone and 25 day Korakuen Hall As well as hitting the rude for all players, it was suggested to retire from wrestling from the doctor. It’s really a pity but not carried out last game along with my respect to players in Japan Kia Stevens does not rise to anymore of Japan ring. I have decided to retire from just wrestling.

Because I was come continued to active duty so far there was a group called the All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, And thanks to all seniors and friends who gave me lovingly as his sister is a foreigner. Sincerely I am grateful to all professional wrestling officials and fans of everyone in Japan.

And women’s wrestling in Japan, including the SEAdLINNNG I wish you from the bottom of my heart to be more and more development. Kia Stevens will retire from professional wrestling Thank you very much until now.

Stevens is a five-time Women’s Champion, having won the TNA Knockouts Championship two times and the WWWA World Championship, NWA World Women’s Championship and AWA Superstars of Wrestling World Women’s Championship once. Her success is not limited to singles wrestling, as she frequently teamed with Aja Kong to form the tag team W Kong who held tag team championships in four different promotions, along with winning the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Hamada. She was also ranked first in the inaugural list of Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s PWI Female 50 ranking the top women wrestlers in the United States.

Stevens began her professional wrestling career in 2002 after appearing on a reality television show. She primarily wrestled in Japan for the first five years of her career, holding numerous championships there. In 2006, she began wrestling in her native United States again, appearing on the independent circuit before appearing on national television with TNA Wrestling where she was a driving force in the foundation of their Knockouts division. She had a brief run in WWE in 2011 and 2012 under the name Kharma before returning to TNA in January, where she had been wrestling as of late. She remains a participant in the TNA World Title Series, which is now in its eighth week.

Here is footage of her match against Brooke that aired on last Wednesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling (it was taped in July).