Awesome Kong Wants To Compete In Inaugural 30-Woman Over-The-Top Royal Rumble Match

Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong, who was known as Kharma in WWE, would love to take part in the inaugural 30-Woman Over-The-Top Royal Rumble Match.

Kong called in to Wrestling Sheet Radio and said that she believes the fans deserve one final appearance from Kharma so she can gain closure with WWE.

When asked whether WWE has contacted her yet, Kong replied, “Not so far, no.”

Kharma is one of three women who’ve competed in the men’s Royal Rumble Match. In 2012, she entered the match as the 21st entrant. She intimidated Michael Cole into eliminating himself before eliminating Hunico (aka Sin Cara) only to be thrown out by Dolph Ziggler. With her appearance, she became the third female, after Chyna and Beth Phoenix, to participate in a Royal Rumble Match. This also marked her first and only official WWE match, as well her final appearance in WWE. She was released from her contract later that year.

You can listen to Kong talk about her desire to compete in the 30-Woman Over-The-Top Royal Rumble Match below. For the full interview, click here.