Bayley Says "You Ain't Sh*t" To Sasha Banks On Raw, Sasha Responds |

Sasha Banks Responds To Bayley Telling Her “You Ain’t Sh*t” After Attack Last Week On Raw

After suffering another loss to The Riott Squad, Bayley unloads on her former best friend and even yells a curse word at her.

Two weeks ago on Raw, Sasha Banks and Bayley’s friendship deteriorated to the point of thrown fists, but Raw General Manager Kurt Angle won’t give up so easily.

Citing the two former champions’ importance to the Raw brand, Angle gave them one final chance to get on the same page on last week’s show, sanctioning a Six-Woman Tag Team Match between Sasha, Bayley and Ember Moon against The Riott Squad.

Sasha and Bayley barely tolerated each other, and after “The Boss” was pinned by Ruby Riott to close the match, Bayley pounced all over Sasha and pummeled her ruthlessly about the ring, refusing to let up until after she’d thrown Banks into the steel steps not once, but twice.

After Bayley got done assaulting her former best friend, she stood over her and went off on how Sasha thinks she’s better than her. Bayley apparently got carried away as she closed her rant by yelling, “You ain’t shit!”

Bayley could not be heard saying “shit” during the live broadcast since Raw airs on a brief delay for incidents such as these and WWE’s TV production team was able to quickly edit it out.

But this wasn’t the case for those who listened to Raw in Spanish.

The outcome of the beatdown was so savage, in fact, that Angle immediately handed ultimatums to both Bayley and Banks after the match: Each woman must attend mandatory counseling next week, or lose her job.

Here is Angle’s ultimatum to Bayley, which aired on Raw.

Angle’s ultimatum can be seen in this Raw Exclusive video.

Ahead of tonight’s Raw, Sasha responded to Bayley’s “you ain’t shit” remark with the following Instagram post:

You ain’t 💩

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According to Dave Meltzer on Thursday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bayley’s attack of Banks was “supposed to be a heel turn.” That was Vince McMahon’s idea behind the angle.

While fans went wild for Bayley assaulting Banks, Meltzer says that wasn’t McMahon’s desired reaction since she attacked her from behind.

Meltzer described the situation further in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published today: “The second the match was over, Bayley attacked Banks and started beating her down. So the idea here was the crowd was supposed to see Bayley attacking her from behind after Banks lost and boo Bayley.

“Instead, the fans don’t have an emotional connection to talent at all with few exceptions. They just want to see action, carnage and new angles, and this qualified for the latter so they were going crazy like they do with any big angle even if a heel screws a face. They were cheering like crazy and doing “Yes” chants.

“The fans chanted for tables, which they didn’t get. Bayley threw her into the ring steps. With the crowd reactions, this was a great announcing moment based on Vince’s reaction. When Bayley turned on Banks, Cole said that “You felt like this night was going to come at some point…at some point you felt the explosion was going to happen.” Then, with the crowd going crazy for the heel turn and Graves is putting it over, 15 seconds later, Cole says, “I never expected this out of her.”

This would indicate that Michael Cole couldn’t tell if Bayley turned heel on Sasha, so then McMahon directed him to give the impression that she had. However, based on the reaction the angle got on Raw, WWE will likely have to change course on the situation and scrap the heel turn.