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Becky Lynch

Having dedicated her life to the squared circle since she was a 15-year-old teenager in Dublin, Ireland, Becky Lynch is now looking to make a huge impact in WWE.

Have Nude Photos Of Becky Lynch Leaked Online? →
Have nude photos of Becky Lynch leaked online? After explicit photos and videos depicting Paige in sexual situations surfaced online due to hackers, rumors have spread that this scandal involved other women from WWE, including Becky. Click here for details

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Have Nude Photos Of Becky Lynch Leaked Online?

Becky Lynch

Have nude photos of Becky Lynch leaked online?

After various photos and videos depicting WWE Superstar Paige in sexual situations surfaced online due to hackers, rumors began spreading that this scandal involved other women in the wrestling world, including “The Irish Lass Kicker.”

It all began on March 17, 2017, when explicit photos and videos of Paige popped up online.

On the very same day, Paige said private photos belonging to her got stolen and shared without her consent.

“Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent,” Paige said on Twitter.

In the days after the leak, lurid material ranging from topless bathroom selfies to X-rated videos featuring other current or former WWE Superstars began to appear online.

WWE Superstar Summer Rae is one, while nude photos of former WWE Superstars Victoria, Melina Perez, Maria Kanellis, and Kaitlyn also leaked online.

These leaks are part of a large hacking scandal that has resulted in private photos and videos of celebrities being stolen and distributed online.

A few days earlier, private photos of actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson began circulating on the dark corners of the internet. The leak — dubbed “The Fappening 2.0” in reference to a similar celebrity hacking scandal from 2014 — has targeted a number of other famous names, including professional wrestlers.

In the midst of the scandal, rumors spread that hackers had targeted other wrestling stars and more material was forthcoming.

“There have been claims that others will follow,” Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer said in his report on the scandal.

The claim turned out true as nude images of Charlotte Flair leaked online.

“Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent,” she tweeted on May 4, 2017. “These images must be removed from the Internet immediately.”

The photos show Flair taking multiple nude selfies in front of a mirror with her cell phone — which got fitted with a WWE-branded case.

Naturally, this has fans wondering if Lynch is one of the leak victims.

While it seems possible that nude photos of Lynch could leak online since she’s not exactly shy about showing some skin, it hasn’t happened … yet.

Lynch has been the target of hackers in the past. In April 2016, a cyber crook gained access to her Instagram account.