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10 Sexy Charly Caruso Bikini Photos

Charly Caruso

Charly Caruso has advanced in her WWE career to become the top backstage interviewer on Raw. Caruso, whose background includes several journalistic career accomplishments and accolades, has shown little fear as she stands in front of the most imposing figures in professional wrestling and asks hard-hitting questions.

Charly Caruso does more than just announce, she also poses in bikinis! Check out 10 sexy bikini photos of the WWE announcer.

Charly Caruso Bio

Charly Caruso

After working in broadcast journalism in her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, Charly Caruso began appearing as a reporter on WWE NXT in 2016. She soon moved to her current position — backstage interviewer on Raw. She also contributes exclusive clips to WWE.com.

Charly Caruso

Most months, Caruso moderates WWE’s Kickoff Show before pay-per-view events, deftly interacting with a rotating cast of opinionated panelists and canvassing their predictions about what is going to happen later that night.

Charly Caruso

When working backstage on Raw, Caruso should consider asking for hazard pay as her WWE Superstar interviewees are often unable to answer her questions owing to verbal and/or physical confrontations with rivals. Caruso somehow manages to keep her cool through it all.

Charly Caruso Photos

Charly Caruso

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