How Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders Made Their Relationship Work -

How Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders Made Their Relationship Work

Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders

Becky Lynch gets to travel all over the world with WWE, but she admits it can often make her dating life hard.

“It is not easy because of the constant travel, being on the road five days a week is very tough,” Lynch said when asked about her dating life during an interview in spring 2016. “Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find someone who gets it.”

That person is Luke Sanders.

“So what’s great is that he gets it, you know?” Lynch told Lilian Garcia during a February 2017 interview on the former WWE ring announcer’s podcast, Making Their Way To The Ring.

“And that’s the thing, he understands, you know, the drive and wanting to be the best and what it’s going to take be the best. And so he’s there, he’s there supporting me, saying I’m doing great the whole time.

“And then, ’cause, you know, of the way our road schedule goes, I can just go back and see him in between loops and it just works out perfectly. And then we do all the same things. We love to do yoga, and cook and hike and work out and stuff like that, and watch movies, and everything like that, so it just works out perfectly.”

Garcia then asked Lynch, “Do you wish you had more time together or is it working out just fine?”

She replied, “It’s working out perfectly, yeah. ‘Cause, uh, you know, I think it’s always good to miss somebody, you know? I think it’s great and reminder that you care. And as well, like, people might live together or see each other every day, but they’re not going to be spending quality time, so when I come back, it’s always quality time, so that’s good.”

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