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20 Hot Photos Of Lana In A Bikini


Lana pours on the heat in this amazing gallery of bikini photos that’s sure to make you break a sweat.

Check out 20 of the hottest bikini photos of The Ravishing Russian.

Part 1 (10 Photos) | Part 2 (10 Photos)

Prior to joining forces with Rusev in WWE, Lana gained notoriety as a swimsuit and lingerie model under the name C.J. Perry (her real name is Catherine Joy Perry).

While attending Florida State University, Perry and a couple of her friends went to Seminoles football games with friends, cheering from the bleachers while dressed in short shorts and cowboy hats. During a game against the University of Miami on September 5, 2005, television cameras panned over the crowd and focused on the group affectionately dubbed the “FSU Cowgirls.”

ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger then said on-air, “I think 1,500 red-blooded American men just decided to go to FSU next semester.”

Perry parlayed that experience into a modeling career, appearing in photo shoots and working as a promotional model for energy drinks Matrix and Red Bull.

“As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a swimsuit model and lingerie model,” Perry admitted in a 2013 interview.

“As long as I can remember I was obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. I remember being eight-years-old and looking through the catalogs and just being obsessed with Tyra Banks and Marisa Miller. As a teenager, I would pretend to be a model by going out to the beach and trying to pose like Victoria’s Secret models and have my girlfriend take pictures of me. I remember when my parents found those pictures they were not so happy. I still have those pictures and they are hysterical!”