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A Look Back At The New Age Outlaws’ Harsh Words Toward Triple H

New Age Outlaws

D-Generation X alumni Road Dogg and Billy Gunn weren’t always on the best of terms with supposed friend Triple H. After being released from the WWE in 2004, they both had some strong words to say against him in a shoot interview recorded soon after their release.


“How’d you guys get along with Shawn, Triple H, and X-Pac?”


“Let me start on that. I used to ride with Hunter and Chyna, and they kinda snubbed their nose at me, because I did drugs and stuff, you know. Kids, don’t do drugs. It’s bad. As you can tell, I’m all messed up right now. But, they kinda snubbed their nose at me, you know, and now you see Chyna on that show just blasted out of her mind, you know, and it’s just like, ‘How dare you!’ But, Hunter was always a dick. Can I say that?”


“Oh yeah. If you don’t, I will.”


“And what’s up with that freaky mustache?” (remember when Triple H had a thick handlebar mustache?)


“He’s a fucking idiot.”


“I second that. I almost broke his nose one time.”


“You know, it’s kind of, for me personally, I had to get along with them because of Hunter, mostly. Because I, you know, whippin’ his ass would get me fired. That woulda got me fired. You beat him up, you get fired, you know? I wasn’t about to sacrifice the career that I had, and takin’ care of my kids, and my family at the time, for whippin’ his ass. So, you know, we just whatever, whatever. Just let it blow off. Just let it blow, but I promise you, I promise you, I promise, if he were to come up to me and say something, I’d beat his fucking brains in.”

During a later shoot interview, Gunn apologized for his share of the comments.

“Has my position changed with him? Yeah. It has. Do I want to pick up the phone every day and call him to apologize? Yeah. Because it was something I did out of selfishness and the selfish person that I was back then. Not that I blame it on anything, but I had a bunch of things going on in my life that was really not that good. I took it out on him and, like I said, I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own actions. That’s what I did. I lashed out at him and everybody I could and I had somebody who was willing to listen and let me go on a live shoot tape to say whatever I wanted. Why would I not? It was all about making me look better and making someone else look bad. I know now that people were going, ‘Yeah, well it’s really just you. It’s not anyone else.’ So yeah. I regret what I did then and for sure now because I’m sure something like that is keeping me from being back there training people. I wish I could change it, but I can’t change it. So I just have to live with the things I’ve done and the actions that I do from here on forward.”

That last quote was recorded in July 2011. In April of that year, the D-O double G made his first appearance back in the WWE so that he could induct his father into the WWE Hall of Fame. It wasn’t long before Billy Gunn was back under that WWE umbrella, as well. By the end of 2012, they were making appearances as The New Age Outlaws, both having re-joined the company in behind the scenes roles. In 2014, they won the WWE Tag Team Championships. Gunn was released in November 2015, while Road Dogg continues to work as a producer.