Cheeseburger Talks to Chris Jericho About His Name and ROH Goals, Possibly Going to WWE, More

Chris Jericho

– A recent episode of “Talk is Jericho” with Chris Jericho featured Ring of Honor star Cheeseburger. The full interview can be found at this link.

Jericho started by saying he’s wanted to have Cheeseburger on the show ever since he discovered there was a wrestler named Cheeseburger. He heard the name and went looking for whatever matches he could find. Cheeseburger said the match Jericho saw, against Brutal Bob Evans, was Burger’s first ROH win. Jericho asked about his name and Burger blamed it on Rhett Titus. He said before it was his ring name, it was his nickname around the ROH Dojo. The first time Rhett saw Cheeseburger, his reaction was: “Damn, that boy needs to eat some cheeseburgers.” Cheeseburger said he initially hated the nickname and was originally wrestling under a mask as “Leech Landa.”

At one point Jericho asked about Japan and Burger said he’s never been but it’s a goal he hopes to accomplish soon. Jericho believes he would get over in Japan because fans there embrace “strange gimmicks.” Jericho later asked what Cheeseburger’s long term goal is. Burger said he prefers to set smaller goals and work towards a greater outcome. His first short term goal is to sign with ROH as he’s not a fully contracted employee yet. He’s also focused on visiting Japan and getting more TV time. Jericho asked if he has his sights set on winning the ROH World Title or going to WWE and Cheeseburger replied, “Hopefully.”

Jericho and Cheeseburger also discussed Burger’s influences, watching WWE as a fan, the current ROH scene and more in the full interview.

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