Sting Reveals Upcoming Neck Surgery, Comments Possibly Wrestling Again -

Sting Reveals Upcoming Neck Surgery, Comments Possibly Wrestling Again


Sting just appeared on Ric Flair’s “Whoo! Nation” podcast and revealed that he needs neck surgery after facing Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions a few months ago.

Sting suffered a career-threatening spinal injury during that match and Ric asked Sting if he’s feeling better. “Well yes and no,” Sting responds with a certain candid honesty. “Obviously that night I had some problems. It wasn’t Seth’s fault, completely mine. I have no idea what I did but my neck whiplashed on both buckle bombs. And on the second one, I’m having a casual conversation in my own mind thinking: ‘Okay Steve tuck your chin. Do what you know how to do.”

Sting said he could barely walk following the second buckle bomb, but knew the stakes were too high to quit. He somehow mustered the wherewithal to perform another two minutes before finally opting to “go home.” Sting is set to undergo surgery at the hands of Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, and is hopeful that he won’t have to have anything fused. He says he’ll have the same procedure done that John Cena required a few years back, and is confident he’ll return to the ring for “one more match.”

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