Candice Michelle, due to her tremendous physical attributes, has appeared in pornography. Candice Michelle has appeared topless on an episode of Raw.
Candice Michelle had her top removed by a fellow WWE Diva on a 2007 episode of Raw. With her huge breasts, a topless Candice Michelle is quite the site to see. Candice Michelle has appeared naked on countless occasions - she was named Cyber Girl of the Week in the June 2002 issue of Playboy. Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle has a sweet pussy to say the least.
Although Candice Michelle has suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her WWE career, she has posed completely nude. To the happiness of many, Candice Michelle has participated in a Bra and Panties Match during her time in WWE. For those curious, Candice Michelle's tits are fake. Don't expect Candice Michelle to release a sex tape after becoming a mother. With WWE presenting a PG-rated product, don't expect Candice Michelle to be stripped of her clothes should she ever return.
It pretty much goes without saying that Candice Michelle has huge boobs. In addition to suffering multiple wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her WWE career, Candice Michelle has posed nude. Many WWE Universe members dreamt of Candice Michelle appearing with nothing on. While Candice Michelle has appeared in her underwear on WWE programming, she has also appeared topless. Candice Michelle is not naked here.
Candice Michelle is a sexy former WWE Diva. Check out these photos of Candice Michelle with nothing on. Candice Michelle would always makes sure that she is not exposed on WWE television. Candice Michelle wears thongs underneath her wrestling ring gear.
It is highly unlikely that Candice Michelle will ever pose nude again for Playboy. Candice Michelle, however, has been known to go commando when wearing a short skirt.

Candice Michelle

When Candice Michelle arrived in WWE in 2004, very few insiders expected her to be anything more than just a pretty face. Hearing the whispers, the determined Diva dedicated herself to proving her detractors wrongs. Within three years of stepping foot in a ring for the first time, she reached the pinnacle of her profession, capturing the WWE Women's Championship. She managed to keep the pretty face along the way, becoming a Playboy cover girl and star of multiple Super Bowl commercials.

Michelle's WWE career nearly came to an end before it ever began. After failing to make the finals of the 2004 Diva Search, it appeared as though the beautiful brunette was at a career crossroads. Fortunately, WWE officials saw something they liked in her and offered her a contract. At first, Michelle's limited wrestling ability restricted her to non-competitive roles. While she enjoyed the attention she was garnering, Michelle realized she was beginning to be regarded simply as eye candy. (Continue Reading ») | (Has Candice Appeared Nude? ») | (Facebook and Twitter ») (Strip Poker »)


A Look At Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle
Candice Michelle became the first former Diva Search contestant to win a WWE championship

Behind countless hours of wrestling training from former Four Horsemen enforcer Arn Anderson, Candice Michelle became a legitimate threat in the Women's Division by 2007. On June 24, she proved her worth when she defeated Melina for the WWE Women's Championship at Vengeance, becoming the first Diva Search contestant to win the belt. The win capped off Michelle's amazing evolution into a dominant female force in the ring.

After dropping the strap four months later to Beth Phoenix, Michelle continued to compete in the women's division, but injuries to her clavicle would prevent her from achieving the success she previously enjoyed. On June 19, 2009, WWE discarded Michelle as she was released from her contract.

For Your Information - Candice Michelle

  • Facebook and Twitter: Candice Michelle can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. Her Facebook page is located at facebook.com/candicemichelle while her Twitter account can be found at DIVACANDICEM.

  • Candice Michelle nude: Prior to joining WWE, Candice Michelle appeared as a nude model for various entities; she was named Playboy's "Cyber Girl of the Week" in June 2002. After joining the sports-entertainment organization, Michelle posed for a cover and naked pictorial in the April 2006 issue of Playboy.

  • Fansite: Numerous fansites are devoted to the buxom brunette, although the number has decreased since her departure from WWE in 2009.

    The Moments - Candice Michelle

  • Return From Injury: After breaking her clavicle in four separate places five months earlier, Candice Michelle appeared on the September 8, 2008 episode of Raw fully healed and ready to fight. The returning Diva teamed up with Kelly Kelly and Mickie James to take on the team of WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, Jillian and Katie Lea Burchill. In spite of The Glamazon's proclamations about her power and strength, Michelle led her team to victory by pinning Phoenix. (Image Gallery »)

  • Strip Poker: Candice Michelle stripped her clothes off during a special strip poker edition of ECW on October 10, 2006. (Photo Gallery »)

    Candice Michelle Makes A Rare Appearance

    Candice Michelle
    Candice Michelle was the first former Diva Search contestant to win a WWE championship

    Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle made a rare appearance on Saturday at Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore "West Coast Invasion" invasion event in Valley Center, California. The former WWE Diva met fans at a convention and then accompanied Dreamer for an "Extreme Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match" against Matt Hardy and Carlito.

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    Candice Michelle appeared nude for Playboy in 2006
    Candice Michelle appeared nude as Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week
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