Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

His name is Alberto Del Rio … but you already knew that. As the son of Mexican legend Dos Caras and nephew of WWE Hall of Famer Mil Mascaras, this “Man of Destiny” arrived in 2010 flaunting an endless supply of resources. With the temerity to employ a personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio was easy to loathe.

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About Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio

Upon debuting in 2010, Alberto Del Rio quickly shelved top stars such as Rey Mysterio and Christian with his debilitating Cross Armbreaker. With an increasing sense of entitlement, Del Rio backed up his boasts by winning the largest Royal Rumble Match in WWE history in 2011 by outlasting 39 other WWE Superstars. That July, Alberto took another step toward fulfilling his destiny by capturing the WWE Championship Money in the Bank briefcase. He then cashed in his WWE Title opportunity and defeated an exhausted CM Punk at SummerSlam in 2011. After losing to John Cena at Night of Champions, “The Essence of Excellence” regained the strap in the first-ever Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match, proving he was no fluke.

In 2012, Del Rio pursued the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite several close calls, the aristocrat fell short of his goal. Then in January 2013, his persistence paid off when he toppled reigning Champion Big Show in a Last Standing Match. This valiant climb to the top and subsequent title reign altered perceptions of Del Rio. His efforts embodied the American Dream, an ideal he defended successfully against Jack Swagger at WrestleMania 29.

These warm feelings, however, soon faded. His dastardly actions against Dolph Ziggler at the 2013 Payback and callous dismissal of Ricardo Rodriguez revealed Del Rio’s true colors. Fans clamored for someone to rip the gold from his waist. That someone was John Cena at Hell in a Cell. The following summer, Alberto’s WWE career went on hiatus, but the four-time World Champion would be back.

At Hell in a Cell in 2015, during John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge, Alberto Del Rio revealed himself as Cena’s shocking mystery opponent. As dangerous as ever, alongside his former enemy Zeb Colter, Del Rio stunned the Los Angeles crowd as well as Cena. Since this triumphant return, the privileged one has formed The League of Nations with Sheamus, Rusev and King Barrett, while trading U.S. gold in thrilling encounters with Kalisto. Alberto and The League of Nations bested The New Day in a Six-Man Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 32.