After her days in the Peace Corps, Joanie Laurer undertook grueling days of training at Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School. At the time, no one thought they were witnessing the development of one of the most ground-breaking figures in professional wrestling history. As Chyna, she was first seen on WWE programming coming from the crowd to assist Hunter Hearst Helmsley and become the famous enforcer of D-Generation X.

As Chyna broke away from the notorious faction her character become more defined and her star grew brighter as she became the first-ever female competitor in the Royal Rumble. In the ring, Chyna became known as the "The 9th Wonder of The World." She made history at No Mercy 1999 when she beat Jeff Jarrett to be crowned the first female Intercontinental Champion in World Wrestling Entertainment history.


The spotlight on her grew as she was a presenter at The MTV Movie Awards, released her own fitness video, and appeared on the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun. In November of 2000, she made a splash as the cover girl of Playboy magazine with a nude pictorial and broke all sales records previously held by the publication. In January of 2001, her remarkable life story hit print as her autobiography, If They Only Knew, The New York Times Best Seller list. Two months later, she fulfilled another conquest when she beat Ivory for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania X-7. Shortly thereafter, she was the host of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

Since parting ways with WWE in November of 2001, Chyna has remained in the public eye. Though she would resurface in May 2011 for TNA Wrestling as Kurt Angle's associate, her days in the squared circle are largely behind her. However, the world will never forget her contributions to professional wrestling as a Superstar, pop-culture figure. In her prime, she was an unstoppable force who opened a new realm for WWE Divas.

Chyna Continues To Deny Allegations Of Steroid Use

Chyna claims she is not a steroid user

Chyna, who was known for her incredibly muscular physique while appearing for WWE during the "Attitude Era," continues to vehemently deny allegations that she achieved her world famous look with the help of steroids.

She was asked the following on Twitter this week by a user named Paul Heyman Girl, "This might be a little personal question.. But I was just wondering, are you still doing steroids?"

Her response: "This might be a tough rough answer. Asshole, I never did steroids."

The public has long been skeptical of her claims that she did not abuse steroids, primarily based on the physical signs that the former professional wrestler exhibits. Chyna not only has a very deep voice, which, for the record, can be natural in some women, but she has an incredibly muscular physique, so much so that it appears man-like and even unnatural. Speculation that Chyna was abusing steroids continued even more when her pornographic film, 1 Night in China, was released, revealing a larger than average clitoris, a symptom of steroid abuse in women. In fact, steroids can increase the length of the clitoris up to two to three inches.

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As far as her current whereabouts are concerned, Chyna ceased her pornographic career last year and moved to Japan to teach English to Japanese students. Accompanying the change of scenery was Chyna reverting back to her more natural lighter hair color, which is a strong indication that she preferred to be away from the spotlight.

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