Eva Marie most definitely has the physical attributes to star in pornography. Though Eva Marie has appeared topless, she has not posed nude.
Sorry fans! Eva Marie has yet to be exposed naked on an episode of Raw. A topless Eva Marie is quite the site to see. Eva Marie has appeared nude one. WWE Diva Eva Marie has a sweet pussy to say the least.
Eva Marie has yet to suffer a wardrobe malfunction in her young WWE career. As hard as it may be to believe, Eva Marie has never participated in a Bra and Panties Match during her time in WWE. For those curious, Eva Marie's tits are real. Don't expect Eva Marie to release a sex tape.
It pretty much goes without saying that Eva Marie has very nice boobs. Many WWE fans dream of Eva Marie appearing with nothing on. While Eva Marie has appeared in her bra on WWE television, she has not appeared nude. Eva Marie is not naked here.
Eva Marie has yet to be stripped of her clothes on WWE television. Check out these photos of Eva Marie with nothing on. Eva Marie makes sure that she is never exposed on WWE television.
Don't expect Eva Marie to ever pose naked for Playboy - her family would never condone it. There's a good chance that Eva Marie has gone commando.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie's curvaceous frame first caught the attention of the WWE Universe in July 2013 when she appeared as a star of the hit E! reality series, Total Divas. A former model, this scorching hot redhead soon joined alongside The Bella Twins to antagonize the the sports-entertainment organization's slate of WWE Divas. (Photo Gallery ») | (A Look At Eva Marie's Scandalous Past »)


Eva Marie Doesn't Wear Underwear?

Eva Marie
Eva Marie

Eva Marie doesn't wear underwear? A quick Google search would indicate that.

Last year, an image surfaced online of the WWE Diva purportedly not wearing any underwear during the episode of Total Divas highlighted by Natalya's wedding to Tyson Kidd. Based on the picture, it would appear to be the case.

Eva Marie

The episode ran last Thursday on the WWE Network, and upon closer inspection, it is quite clear that she is in fact wearing underwear!

Eva Marie

When Eva Marie says "All Red Everything," she means it.

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A Look At Eva Marie's Scandalous Past

As seen on Total Divas on E!, Eva Marie's scandalous past came back to haunt her in a big way.

During a Season 2 episode, Cameron saw fit to punish Eva Marie for an imagined slight by passing her racy, pre-WWE modeling images throughout the men's locker room (the offense in question was a mere case of swelling ego on the part of the redheaded beauty). The photographs, of course, immediately went viral and Summer Rae is the only WWE Diva to discover the source.

"If they're the photos that I think they are, they're disgusting," Eva Marie remarked to Summer Rae upon being informed of Cameron's act. She continued, "First of all, say it to my face. Don't be a little rat and run around to everyone that I work with. If she has a problem, that's fine, like come and address me. I just can't believe it, that I don't know, that she stooped to like that level."

The crimson-haired grappler then adds in her on-camera confession, "I'm completely shocked and so caught off-guard because I don't really know how many people she showed, but she definitely has no idea by just bringing them and showing these photos that I did when I was like twenty, how hurtful it is to me. She's always saying that she tells it how it is, she comes up to your face. You know, she doesn't need to talk behind your back, give me a break."

Upon being confronted, Cameron remains remarkably contemptuous in the face of Eva Marie's anger. Although Naomi convinces Cameron to say sorry for her malicious actions, Eva Marie refuses the half-baked apology and tosses it back in the Funkadactyl's face.

Some members of the WWE Universe are under the impression that Eva Marie has appeared naked for Playboy or a similar publication, but that is not the case. In regards to the scandalous photos in question, Eva Marie with her natural black hair, appeared nude before an independent photographer several years ago. In some photos, she is shown putting her bare ass on display as she pulls her string bikini down below her crotch. In other images from the very same photo shoot, Eva Marie appears in a nude but strategically covered manner; her bare breasts are slightly visible through a yellow mesh top and in another shot, she appears topless with her hands placed over her breasts. This is believed to be Eva's sole pornographic photo shoot.

With Eva Marie appearing highly remorseful about her past, don't expect the curvaceous bombshell to ever appear naked for public consumption again.

For Your Information - Eva Marie

  • Background: Natalie "Eva" Marie Coyle, professionally known as Eva Marie, was born on September 19, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California and raised in Concord, California. Her father, Barry, is Italian, and her mother, Josie, is Mexican. She played soccer for California State University, Fullerton until she began modeling, acting and participating in promotional affairs. The California native graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a minor in Human Resource. She received her associate's degree in Art from Diablo Valley College.

  • Social Media: Eva Marie has made her presence known on social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her Facebook account is located at www.facebook.com/natalieevamarie while her Twitter handle is natalieevamarie. Fans can also find Eva Marie on Instagram at natalieevamarie.

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