Renee Young most certainly has the physical attributes to do pornography. Renee Young has not appeared topless.
Renee Young has yet to be exposed naked on an episode of Raw or SmackDown. A topless Renee Young would be quite the site to see. Renee Young has appeared naked on countless occasions - in private. WWE Diva Renee Young has a sweet pussy to say the least.
Although Renee Young has suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her career, she has not posed completely nude. As hard as it may be to believe, Renee Young has never participated in a Bra and Panties Match during her time in WWE. For those curious, Renee Young's tits are real. Don't expect Renee Young to release a sex tape. With WWE presenting a PG-rated product, don't expect Renee Young to be stripped of her clothes.
It pretty much goes without saying that Renee Young has very nice boobs. While Renee Young has suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions over the course of her career, she has not posed nude. Many WWE Universe members dream of Renee Young appearing with nothing on. While Renee Young has appeared in her bra on WWE programming, she has not appeared topless. Renee Young is not naked here.
Renee Young is a hot WWE Diva. Check out these photos of Renee Young with nothing on. Renee Young always makes sure that she is not exposed on WWE television. Renee Young wears thongs under her dresses.
It is highly unlikely that Renee Young will ever pose nude for Playboy. Renee Young, however, has been known to go commando when wearing a short skirt.

Renee Young

Renee Paquette is an on-air personality for WWE conducting interviews under the name Renee Young. Prior to joining WWE in October 2012, she offered analysis and insight into the sports-entertainment promotion on The Score's Aftermath. (Photo Gallery »)


Renee Young Offends With Her Halloween Costume

Renee Young
Renee Young

With her relationship with Dean Ambrose, Renee Young is no stranger to controversy. For Halloween, the WWE broadcaster dressed up as a zombie Native American, which a number of fans have deemed racist and offensive.

What put the costume over the top was the attention to detail. She made her costume to appear as if it as soaked in blood—click here to see a photo.

She then posted a photo of herself wearing the costume.

After receiving a number of messages deeming the costume racist and offensive, Renee deleted both photos from her Instagram account.

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Renee Young Ribbed Again For Preferring Not to Wear Shoes

Renee Young
Doesn't like to wear shoes

Some people in WWE apparently have something against Renee Young preferring not to wear shoes.

According to this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the blonde announcer is known within the sports-entertainment organization for not wearing shoes at times while conducting interviews backstage, which is okay since her feet don't appear on camera. She prefers not to wear them in her daily life, and has admitted that she sometimes drives barefoot. Now after being ribbed for her personal preference last month live on-air by Triple H, she was lightly teased again for it on this week's episode of WWE Main Event in a scripted comment from Roman Reigns.

After Renee asked Reigns in the ring about someone grabbing history this Sunday in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, Reigns said that he is a wanted man and The Authority has a bulls-eye on him, so he would feel more comfortable if she took off her shoes so she can run away if needed.

Following the May 26 edition of Raw in Knoxville, Tennessee, Renee was lightly ribbed on Backstage Pass on the WWE Network for not wearing any shoes during an interview with members of Evolution.

Triple H asked Renee, "The big question is why don't you wear shoes when you do these?"

"I ... don't have an answer for that," she responded.

Renee tried to play it cool despite appearing a little flustered and caught off guard by Triple H actually calling attention to her unsual preference.

For Your Information - Renee Young

  • Background: Renee Young was born on September 19, 1984 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Her real name is Renee Paquette and she was raised in cities in Ajax and later in Whitby, Ontario. Growing up in Canada, she was a child model. After graduating from high school, Paquette moved to Chicago, Illinois and began training at The Second City, an improvisational comedy enterprise. When she was 19-years-old, Paquette moved to Los Angeles, California and subsequently Hollywood in hopes of becoming a comedic actress. Her dream, however, did not materialize, and she moved back to Toronto and auditioned for films, music videos and commercial advertisements.

  • Has Renee Young appeared nude?: With Renee Young booming in popularity due to her WWE fame, this has led many fans to search for nude photographs of the quirky blonde Canadian. None, however, exist. Her recent "Diva Day Off" photo shoot is the closest thing fans will get to seeing Young pose in a bedroom.

  • Social Media: Renee Young has made her presence known on social media with accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter handle is ReneeYoungWWE. Fans can also find Young on Instagram at reneeyoungwwe. She does not have an account on Facebook.


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