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Which Former ECW Star Could Join The Dudleys and Tommy Dreamer In Their Feud With The Wyatts?

The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer

Pittsburgh — once right in the heart of ECW territory — got a huge surprise at Raw Monday night when hardcore wrestling icon Tommy Dreamer returned to the WWE to back up his friends the Dudley Boyz, who are currently feuding with The Wyatt Family.

The Dudley Boyz had cut a promo saying they’re gunning for The Wyatt Family, then called out the Wyatts, who answered their challenge. The Dudleys said they weren’t intimidated by Bray Wyatt’s three thugs, because he’s not the only one who has backup. That brought out the one and only Tommy Dreamer.

The Authority then made a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting The Dudley Boyz and Dreamer against Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. That match eventually broke down into a double disqualification.

There had been speculation in recent months that Spike Dudley would follow his brothers back to WWE, but few people expected they’d be backed up by an entirely different ECW alumnus. While Dreamer isn’t believed to have signed a full-time contract with WWE, he is advertised to appear on shows through the middle of January.

There has been talk of another ECW alumnus joining the trio in their fight against The Wyatt Family. Backstage at Raw, it was rumored that Rhyno, a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, could be added to the group.

Rhyno, who competes as a “special attraction” at NXT events, was asked in a recent interview whether he has aspirations to return to the main roster.

“I’m taking it one step at a time, I’m part of something special moving forward with NXT and you just feel so alive and that’s my main focus to become NXT Champion and that is the honest to God truth,” he said.