Adult Website Thanks WWE For Calling Diva Group The Submission Sorority


It didn’t take long after the faction of Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch got an official name on this past Monday’s Raw for the jokes and questions to start.

Depending on SafeSearch settings and the cookies already in your browser, Googling the name “Submission Sorority” turned up adult websites selling stories and images that…well, go with a name like Submission Sorority, when you think about it.

Which apparently WWE decision makers didn’t do before rolling out the name on television and social media on August 3.

If it had just been us folks in the internet wrestling community pointing it out, things might have proceeded as planned. But porn producer BangBros pointed out that hits for their series HazeHer increased 56% after the Raw reveal of the name of the group.

TMZ picked up on it, noting that BangBros. plan to send Vince McMahon a thank you gift basket, and…

It was reported last night that WWE may change the name. Though they’ve thought about using a “Horsewomen” theme to tie into Charlotte’s father Ric Flair’s legacy—and even more officially single her out as the face of their #DivasRevolution—there are concerns about upsetting potential WrestleMania 32 featured player, UFC star Ronda Rousey. The bantanweight champ and ESPY award winner’s training group calls themselves “The Four Horsewoman,” also as a nod to Flair’s famous stable of yesteryear.

The other name being discussed it “The Submission Sisters”, which seems like it might present similar internet search problems.