Alberto Del Rio Gets Into A Backstage Fight With “Ninja Turtle” Wrestler Over Paige

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Alberto Del Rio can’t seem to avoid controversy.

The former WWE Superstar got into a backstage altercation on Sunday night in Mexico with a knock-off Ninja Turtle, according to Super Luchas, and luchablog.

Del Rio and his girlfriend Paige attended a show last night in Mexico at Arena Naucalpan, where Del Rio’s brother Guillermo (El Hijo de Dos Caras) was wrestling in the main event. At some point, they went backstage where there was a very narrow passageway and Del Rio got upset with a wrestler known as Tortuga Rafy.

What caused his anger?

The story going around, according to luchablog and Dave Meltzer of, is that Del Rio believed Tortuga Rafy was touching Paige inappropriately.

An eyewitness report told Meltzer that Del Rio began yelling at Tortuga Rafy, who initially ignored him. The much smaller Tortuga Rafy then tried to push Del Rio away, which led to punches being thrown. It was said to be a one-sided affair and spilled out to where fans saw it happening. Tortuga Rafy was bleeding badly but said this morning on Facebook that he was okay.

Oficial AK-47, one of the wrestlers in charge of the show, threatened legal action via Facebook against Del Rio and warned him to never come back.

While Del Rio has not commented on the alleged events, he did tweet a photo of himself and Paige late last night with a caption reading, “Good night marks.”

According to luchablog, which has more details on the fight, Del Rio and Paige were seen drinking beforehand.

Here is video of Tortuga Rafy, who is part of a stable called Los Tortugas Ninja.