Nia Jax Catches Heat From WWE Management Over Disparaging Tweet About Alexa Bliss’ New Tattoo

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

Two days before she ascended a ladder to claim victory in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Alexa Bliss got multiple tattoos.

In a post on social media on June 15, Alexa revealed a new tattoo on her rib cage featuring an inspirational message: “I am enough.”

Bliss then explained to what her tattoo means.

“Bliss’ message speaks to an idea of inclusion and self-value, ideals that are so critical for everyone, but especially younger people to latch onto these days. Five Feet of Fury spoke to how important the message is to her and hopes it will inspire others to always remember that they are more than enough.”

This appears to be an attribution to Alexa’s struggles with self-image, specifically a battle with anorexia she had when she was a teenager. However, none of that means much to Nia Jax.

Perhaps feeling a little salty from Bliss cashing in her Money in the Bank contract to become the new Raw Women’s Champion at WWE Money in the Bank, Jax criticized her former friend’s tattoo in this tweet last Friday.

According to Taylor Underwood of, Jax has heat with WWE management over her disparaging tweet.

“We are told that WWE management saw the tweet and there is heat on Jax,” Underwood wrote. “Several readers have also pointed out that Jax and Bliss no longer follow each other on Twitter.”

Since the tweet is still up, Jax probably won’t face any official punishment over it. Often times when a wrestler catches heat from management, their method of punishment is too embarrass the offender on television.

It seems that Bliss got legitimately upset over Nia’s remark. After Jax sent out the tweet, Alexa ‘liked’ several tweets showing her support for the tattoo, and criticizing the 272-pound grappler.

Here are some of the tweets Alexa ‘liked.’

Bliss got her ink done at a tattoo parlor in Chicago, Illinois and went with longtime friend Erin Gal, who documented their trip on Instagram.

Bliss got four tattoos, including a matching tattoo with Gal. Gal had initials tattooed on her left ankle and then Alexa did the same.

Bliss posted a photo of herself with Gal after getting the tattoos and revealed that she now has six.

Jax’s tweet pissed off Gal, who responded with the following:

Alexa ‘liked’ Gal’s tweet, as well as these tweets from another hometown friend showing her support.