Another WWE Star Welcomes Child, Finn Balor On How He Intimidates Opponents, 6 WWE Moments Fans Never Saw Coming

Matt and Reby Hardy aren’t the only ones welcoming a baby son this week.

WWE Cruiserweight Mustafa Ali also welcomed his second child, son Rayaan.

During an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, Finn Balor talked about how he intimidates his opponents.

“There are plenty of ways. I can stare right into their eyes without blinking (or) cut a sweet flex and show off your muscles, but I think the best way is by showing no fear to your opponent,” Balor said.

“Once I show that I’m not intimidated by the opponent, then that, in turn, intimidates them because they will think, ‘He’s not scared at all. He clearly thinks he can beat me.'”

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