Has An Arrest Warrant Been Issued For Paige?


There is a rumor going around that there is an arrest warrant for WWE Superstar Paige following her recent domestic battery airport incident with Alberto El Patron in Orlando, Florida.

This rumor has been confirmed as false.

Tufayel Ahmed of Newsweek was told by State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida that no arrest warrant has been issued for Saraya-Jade Bevis, which is Paige’s real name.

He tweeted:

Ahmed was also told by the City of Orlando Police Department that they have submitted information for review to the State Attorney’s Office. Detectives found “probable cause to charge Saraya Bevis with Battery (Domestic Violence),” but it’s up to the State Attorney’s office on how to proceed.

Earlier this morning, Paige dismissed the rumor mill with the following tweet.