Audio From Alberto El Patron and Paige Airport Incident – ‘Leave Me The F**k Alone’

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

TMZ Sports has obtained an audio recording of the alleged domestic dispute involving Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) and Paige, in which an emotional Paige screams out to El Patron, “Stay out of my life. Leave me the fuck alone.”

A wrestling fan who recorded the audio says she recognized the couple while they were arguing on Sunday at Orlando International Airport in Florida.

The witness says she recorded the incident as evidence.

You can hear El Patron and Paige yelling — clearly upset — with El Patron saying, “Call the cops. Let’s do it. Get the cops.”

It sounds like he’s speaking to Paige, who yells back, “Just stay out of my life. Leave me the fuck alone. I’m trying to get away from you.”

Moments later, El Patron says, “I’m pressing charges against you.”

Witnesses tell TMZ Sports it was clear El Patron and Paige were arguing with each other and Paige stormed off at the end of the exchange.

A police officer responded to the scene and spoke with El Patron — though he was not arrested.

Paige issued a statement on Twitter insisting both she and El Patron called police on a third party, a female fan, who she claims threw a drink on El Patron when he refused to take a picture with her.

TMZ Sports spoke with law enforcement — but they made no reference to a third party and said they were investigating the matter as a domestic violence issue.

You can listen to the audio recording here.