Backstage Heat On Big E For His Comment About Charlotte Flair On Raw

Big E

There was unhappiness backstage at Raw with Big E’s comment about Charlotte Flair.

During a promo on the show, The New Day were heading to the ring talking about losing the Raw Tag Team Championship to Cesaro and Sheamus at Roadblock when Kofi Kingston said, “Ric Flair couldn’t have become a 16-time champion without losing the title 15 times.” Big E promptly responded with an off-hand, unscripted remark.

“And that’ll be Charlotte in a month,” he said, referring to Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks trading the Raw Women’s Championship numerous times since the summer.

WWE posted video of The New Day’s promo but edited out Big E’s comment about Charlotte. As you can see, the video completely skips over it.

Big E caught heat for his remark. The line was improvised on his behalf and did not go over well with some people backstage.