Backstage News and Notes on the TNA Sale, More on WWE’s Involvement, Dixie Carter Heat

Dixie Carter

Regarding the TNA sale, Aroluxe and Billy Corgan are still involved in trying to make the purchase but one unidentified party that was previously involved is no longer interested as they do not feel a deal is worth it. WWE has also apparently lost interest as they have backed out.

The most recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings were the first that saw Billy Corgan have the final say in creative decisions. However, nothing long-term has been decided on, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, but changes have to happen imminently. We noted before that Dixie Carter was in attendance for the tapings and did hold a talent meeting but she wasn’t there for the final days of the tapings and was reportedly having meetings with The Fight Network, which also owns a small stake in TNA.

Things between Dixie and Corgan have reportedly gone really bad and things are said to be “super heated” between Dixie, Corgan, Aroluxe and John Gaburick. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dixie has made a real mess of the company between borrowing money and putting up various stakes in the company just to get quick funding. It was said that the company is in a “disastrous position” right now. There is also heat on Dixie for deals not getting done and nearly falling apart.

TNA still owes money to many people and continues to deal with other financial issues but right now they’re not faced with another deadline for money until January and that’s when they have some international TV revenue coming from.

There’s still no word yet on where TNA got the money for the most recent tapings but it was not WWE, which has been rumored. Some higher-ups in TNA still don’t know who funded the tapings but speculation is that it was one of the three minority owners – Corgan, Aroluxe or The Fight Network.

Regarding WWE no longer being interested in the tape library, Gaburick did go to WWE’s Kevin Dunn with the idea of a package where WWE would hire Gaburick if he got them the tape library deal. Dunn reportedly went to Vince McMahon with the idea but it looks like the deal won’t be happening. The Observer notes that WWE’s involvement has been up and down for weeks.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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