Backstage News on Why James Storm and Magnus Are Leaving TNA, Other Departures Expected

TNA Wrestling

Regarding James Storm and Magnus leaving TNA, PWInsider reports that both men went to TNA officials and requested their releases due to the fact that TNA is barely running events these days and talents are making a lot less money. Both Storm and Magnus have work waiting for them elsewhere and both wanted to be able to make more money for obvious reasons.

TNA officials understood the situation and let both out of their deals. TNA’s plan is to have both wrestlers come back in the future and work TV events. TNA realizes that WWE can sign either man if they want but officials decided to take that risk due to the respect they have for the talents.

On a related note, PWInsider adds that TNA is very open to working with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling going forward. TNA is more of a TV promotion these days and are adjusting how they do business to fit the model that they use now. It’s expected that more talent situations like these will be happening this year. TNA will likely keep some top talents locked in but they don’t have the revenue they once had to be in a position to guarantee contracts.