Backstage Talk on Mixed Reactions to Triple H’s Recent WWE NXT “Takeover: London” Appearance

Triple H

– There has been mixed reactions to Triple H appearing on the WWE NXT “Takeover: London” show last month, just days after after being destroyed by Roman Reigns at TLC and not being able to appear on RAW that week, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There has also been talk about how he posted workout footage on Twitter that same week.

The majority feel that if anyone else was involved in a major injury angle on TV and posted training footage on social media while appearing to be out and about, it would get a negative reaction from WWE officials, but everyone knows that rules are different for top stars and the McMahons.

Some in NXT were mad at Roman Reigns, or how his SmackDown promo was scripted, as he mentioned that nobody had seen Triple H since he beat him up at TLC, essentially ignoring the Takeover appearance. The feeling was it sent the message that Reigns had no idea what happened at Takeover and the main roster doesn’t pay attention to the brand, making it appear to be second-rate, because the promo aired after Takeover. According to The Observer, it was acknowledged that Triple H probably should not have appeared at Takeover but he was going to “take his victory bow” in front of the sold out NXT crowd regardless.

The main roster feeling was that they did an injury angle and then taped the SmackDown promo with Reigns on Tuesday, so Triple H should have stayed off Takeover on Wednesday. Regardless of the miscommunication between NXT and SmackDown, the feeling was that Triple H should have appeared on the next week’s RAW and that WWE creative should have respected the NXT viewers enough to not act like Triple H hadn’t been seen since the beatdown at TLC and like he was too injured to appear.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter