Backstage Update on TNA Pay Issues, Some Checks for Production Workers $1000 Short

TNA Wrestling

– Talk of pay issues within TNA continue as The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has confirmed details originally broke by Brian Fritz of The Sporting News. As of this past weekend, TNA’s production crew were more than two months late on pay. They had not been paid for the February pay-per-view tapings or any events since then.

To add to that, workers received pay in April for the January UK tour, which was almost 70 days late when they’re supposed to be paid within 30 days. Not only were those checks issued late, they were shorted on average of $1,000 per person.

To make things worse, the production crew found out that TNA talents were finally being paid for the March tapings while production hadn’t been paid for February yet. TNA had similar pay issues in 2014 that were more significant but one production worker noted that this is the third year in a row where there were issues at one point or another with late payments. While they have dealt with late payments before, being shorted money on a check is a new problem and likely was a big morale killer.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter