Backstage Update on Rey Mysterio’s Future, GFW and WWE Talks, Vince McMahon – Konnan Story, More

Rey Mysterio

We noted before via Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated that Rey Mysterio would not be returning to WWE after the company had interest in bringing him back to help with the Latin market. Word was that Vince McMahon was not interested in working with Rey’s representation, specifically Konnan.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports this week that while Rey and WWE were talking, the discussions were said to be overblown in the first place as Rey was looking at signing with GFW because of the easier schedule and because it would allow him more freedom to do side projects. When word first got out about Rey talking with WWE, The Observer was told that it was actually GFW that Rey was talking with, and that there was nothing significant to the WWE talk. Rey is unlikely to sign a regular WWE deal at this point in his career, unless it was for a very limited number of dates, and the pay wouldn’t come close to what he could earn as an indie talent if the company offered him a non-talent public relations job.

Regarding Rey’s status with Lucha Underground, he had a very good deal going with them but the fact that he’s looking for work elsewhere as their biggest name is not a good sign for the promotion. It looks like Rey and LU are parting ways, and it’s been noted that he’s expected to receive a significant offer from GFW. Rey’s deal with LU would have made him one of the higher paid wrestlers in the world, working a limited number of dates and still having freedom to work other indies. The Observer notes that the money isn’t there for Rey to be offered what his prior deal was, due to various issues with the promotion – long delays in between tapings, no live event touring and no movie, which was never promised but was pitched. Rey reportedly ended up signing for less than the numbers offered when he was first told about LU’s interest, but it was still far more money than he could get from any other promotion.

Konnan noted that he had not negotiated with WWE on behalf of Mysterio, and that if Rey wanted to return to WWE and anyone saw Konnan’s involvement as a negative, then he would stay out of the talks and Rey would negotiate for himself. The SI story noted that the rift between Vince and Konnan goes back decades to when the company invested big bucks into the Max Moon character for Konnan. He ended up staying in Mexico to work as a top star and while he was recently welcomed backstage at a WWE event as a guest of Chris Jericho, SI noted that issues still exist between Konnan and the WWE office. The Observer noted that the issues over the Max Moon character were started 25 years ago and almost nobody involved is still with the company, except Vince. It was indicated that the Vince – Konnan story may have been overblown.

Regarding Rey and GFW, GFW Executive Karen Jarrett fueled the rumors last month when she posted a photo with Rey to her Instagram account. It’s worth noting that the photo has since been deleted. Rey is under contract with LU through the end of season three, which airs in September, but he does have a 90-day non-compete clause in the deal. He will be a free agent after that and it’s believed he will debut with GFW then.

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