Bad News Barrett on Being a Big Fan of Neville and His Red Arrow Finisher

Bad News Barrett

– Bad News Barrett spoke with Digital Spy while in the UK last month and praised former NXT Champion Neville. Barrett commented on being a fan of the new main roster talent:

“I’m a huge fan of Adrian Neville and I have been for a long time. He’s probably the most agile wrestler I’ve ever seen in my life anywhere in the world. I think he’s going to be a massive star here.”

Barrett also commented on Neville’s Red Arrow finisher:

“Top finisher, you know what, my favorite now has only recently come about, is the Red Arrow. Neville’s finisher I think is something that’s just jawdropping. I’ve seen him do it probably 50 times now and each time I see it I’m more and more impressed. I’ve seen the slow-motions and I always think he’s going to land on his head. That guy is so agile and incredible, that’s got to be the top finisher in WWE.”

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