Batista Feels His Wrestling Career Is Over After Having A Bad Experience With A WWE Employee, Breaking Ground Confusion, Mark Henry Talks


– There was some confusion Thursday night as WWE hyped a new episode of Breaking Ground airing on the WWE Network following SmackDown. It was actually the episode that aired on Monday after Raw.

– Mark Henry spoke to The Dallas Morning News to promote WrestleMania 32 tickets going on sale this week. “The World’s Strongest Man” only talked about football.

– Batista is not happy with WWE. He tweeted Saturday afternoon, “The day a WWE cameraman doesn’t know your name and addresses you as Mr Cool Strong Dude is the day you realize your career is over. #Today.”

Batista responded to a fan who wrote, “they probably fired somebody from Creative who then decided to become a cameraman.” “The Animal” stated, “Both funny and sad at the same time!! Apparently you know more about the business than a lot of people they’re hiring.”

Batista, who last performed for WWE in 2014, appears as a henchman in the latest installment of the James Bond film series, Spectre, which is now playing in theaters worldwide.