Update On Big Cass After Having A Seizure At Wrestling Show, Enzo Amore Shows Support

Big Cass

After former WWE Superstar Big Cass suffered a seizure at last night’s House of Hardcore event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tommy Dreamer posted a brief update on his condition today.

A person who witnessed the incident tweeted:

Dreamer addressed fans about the situation in the ring and asked them to say a prayer for Cass. Dreamer stressed that it wasn’t a drug-related matter since he was with him all day.

Cass was responsive after the seizure but was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Enzo Amore took to Twitter to show his support for his former tag team partner.


Here is our original report:

Big Cass suffered a seizure at Saturday’s House of Hardcore event at 2300 Arena (aka ECW Arena) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The former WWE Superstar collapsed at around 10:00 p.m, shortly after the event went into intermission. This happened in front of fans as he was in the lobby of the venue selling autographs and doing photo-ops.

According to PWInsider.com, Cass was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance.

Tommy Dreamer, who runs House of Hardcore, came to the ring to ask fans to say a prayer for Cass. He made a point to say that Cass’ seizure wasn’t “drug-related” since he was with him all day. Dreamer also said that “he’s been going through a lot of stuff.”

Below are tweets describing the ordeal, as well as photos. XFINITY Senior TV & Entertainment Editor David Onda said Cass appeared responsive following the seizure.

Here is video of Cass suffering the seizure and personnel immediately tending to him.

Here are photos of Cass with a fan before the incident.