Big E Hopes The New Day Can ‘Stay Together For A Long Time’

The New Day

Big E talked about the success of The New Day recently and he’s hoping the group will stick together for a while.

“That’s what we always thought was that regardless of what the idea was, that people would see that these guys have a chemistry and a bond that you don’t see too often and we always want that to shine through,” E told Brian Fritz of Sports News. “We’re excited about how far we’ve come. We feel like this is a group that can stay together for a long time and that’s our hope. It’s especially knowing that this came from our brain, this was our idea. There’s been a lot of ups and downs, things change, but we know that we stuck it out and being rewarded for it is a really good feeling.”

They’re at the point where they have the trust of WWE brass to use some of their offbeat concepts floating around in their heads.

“Things come a lot easier but nine months ago, we had a lot of ideas but were met with a lot of no’s and it was difficult to get those things on TV,” said E. “So to get that trust is awesome. But honestly, with the three of us, we travel together every week. The amount of hours that we spend in cars together and in the back talking about things or texting about ideas and often times, it comes from really random places. We’ll see an idea on television or in a video game or on Vine or Twitter. We just see things that make us laugh. Honestly, our goal is to make each other laugh. If that happens, then that’s something we want to do.”

E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston have been overexposed on television in recent weeks but there’s no reason to think WWE can’t get plenty of mileage out of the three before the inevitable break up.