Big E Talks About Accidentally Hitting AJ Lee Before His WWE Debut Match (Video)

Big E

AJ Lee may not be a part of the WWE roster anymore, but she was one very tough athlete.

New Day member Big E recently talked about an incident he had with the former Diva on his way down to the ring during his WWE in-ring debut in 2013.

The night after WrestleMania 29, Big E was set to take on Daniel Bryan and had Lee and Dolph Ziggler in his corner, but he may have been just a little too pumped up for his debut match.

On his way down to the ring, the WWE Superstar swung his hands in the air as a way to prepare for the match and accidentally struck Lee in the chest. The former Diva of the Year took it in stride, glancing at Big E and moving on with the segment without breaking character.

Though everything was fine, the member of The New Day trio revealed he was very worried about Lee after striking her.

“That was, at the time, probably the most frightening moment in my career,” Big E said in an interview with the Rappler podcast promoting WWE’s tour of Manila, Philippines in September. “It probably still is.”

The reigning WWE Tag Team Champion also said he wasn’t sure where his errant blow caught Lee, so he was very relieved to see she was still standing after the contact.

“I remember swinging back and knowing that I hit her, and I was expecting to turn around, see this tiny woman on the ground in a pool of blood,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done after that, probably just walk straight to the back. But thankfully, she’s very tough, it ended up hitting her, in, like, her chest or upper torso region, not her face, she was fine. We ended up having a laugh about it later but that could have been really bad, but thankfully, everything’s all good.”