Bill DeMott on WWE Talents Who Surprised Him, NXT Talents Having WWE Success, His Seminars

Bill DeMott

– Former WWE Performance Center Head Coach Bill DeMott recently spoke with The Roman Show. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

WWE talents who impressed him:

“I was happy for Erick Rowan who stands out in my mind. He is a big kid and has a ton of talent and then when they called him and he joined the Wyatt Family, he really stepped up to the plate. It goes back to Ryback who says, ‘look at me now’ and how he has stepped up. Across the board, look at The Miz, who many thought he wouldn’t achieve and look what he has achieved. They are all great athletes. People wondered about Jack Swagger. He was an All American in college. They all surprise me. I’ve been surprised, but not surprised when they rise to the occasion.”

Keeping an eye on the product now:

“If I was involved in the level of success, I get happy. On WWE Night of Champions, every title holder came from NXT. For years they’ve been coming from the system and for years I am that old retired coach that gets to see the players become successful.”

The Bill DeMott Experience seminars he’s hosting:

“When I get a chance in front of the talent, I say kids cause am an old man, but when I get in front of the kids they get the other side of the Tough Enough guys. In Tough Enough, you shoot three months of TV and you cram all the good stuff into one episode a week. You see that coach persona. But what you get from the Bill DeMott Experience with the live seminars is the other side of me because I love to talk to people who want to do this, who aspire to become wrestlers. They get to meet me one-on-one.”

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