Bill DeMott Talks About His Legacy, Going from Wrestler to Trainer, Favorite Feud & Match, More

Bill DeMott

– Former WWE NXT head coach Bill DeMott recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. The full interview can be found at this link. Below are highlights:

Favorite match and favorite feud:

I main evented against Hulk Hogan and I got the classic back rake and leg drop and I was like a kid in a freaking’ candy store. I will never forget the conversation that Hogan had with me after that match and it just solidified that I should be wrestling. I got to do it with one of the best and that is not to be-little the fact that I’ve been in the ring with The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and I’ve been in the ring with Brock (Lesnar) and side by side with Paul Heyman. My favorite feud was definitely with Lance Storm, it was incredible. Lance has a theory of in ring stuff and putting things together and I enjoyed Lance, one; as a person outside the ring and also in the ring because it was two guys who wanted that opportunity and we weren’t afraid to push each other. It was great communication and two guys being honest with each other and I think we told a hell of a story for the time we were together.

“Training old school” vs. “being old school”:

There is a big difference between “training old school” and “being old school”. It’s just a philosophy that I have. Training old school means taking what we did and what helped make us successful and brought us into the business and bringing that training into what we are doing. Being old school is not differing from all that and telling people to shut the hell up and do it this way because its the only way. I train old school, I’m not old school. I am old school at heart but I train old school with a new mentality. The thing for me as the “heat guy” is that my reputation comes from Reality TV. So as soon as people hear the name Bill DeMott they don’t think of Hugh Morrus or Crash (The Terminator) or Hugh G. Rection people in this generation hear Bill DeMott and say “oh shit”. But until they get to know me, I train old school, I don’t think old school. Because your job is to make people better and help them move on and at the end of the day if you are not doing that then you are not doing your job.

Going from wrestler to trainer:

If I had my choice now, I’d be wrestling. It came from in WWE. Before the shows, I’d be in the ring with younger guys who wanted to try and learn things and break a sweat. I had the opportunity to start training guys because I wanted to be there and I think John Laurinaitis, Jim Ross and the “powers that be” saw that. I’ve found every transition easy. You have to be open to change. Change is the biggest part. It doesn’t’ mean you are not doing your job, it doesn’t mean you are not prepared or not capable of becoming a bigger star you just have to be open to change. In front of the camera, behind the camera, with new people, with people you know. My transition every time, I’ve found easy. The thing that constantly needs work is perception. We are in a politically correct era and just because I am talking to you guys one way, someone is going to listen to this podcast and take what I said the wrong way and I’ll be all over the internet again by tonight and I’m America’s darling all over again. You have to love what you are doing in this time of “Sports Entertainment” to be a part of it and then you have to love it enough to know what is working and adapt.

His legacy and The Bill DeMott Experience:

My legacy will be defined by who you talk to. I will stand by this. I’ve done what I was asked to the best of my ability. Good, bad or indifferent, my coach always said if they are talking about you it was good, so I think I’ve done that. As of late I’ve been a huge topic of conversation by people who probably don’t know a thing about wrestling. I am a kid from New Jersey who did something he fell in love with and became very good at it and had a 28 year career. I am starting this project of the Bill DeMott Experience (BDE) because my legacy has been Bill DeMott “the hard ass” and I am going to bring that same guy and try to experience other things. I want to meet other coaches in life, pastors, all kinds of people and I want to get their take on life experience, dealing with others, guiding people and having fun. I will never change the perception of Bill DeMott, but hopefully I will open the doors to people and let them see Bill DeMott. For anyone that’s never worked with me and seen the guidance counselor, the big brother, the father, the boy scout leader all these things that you have to be when you are put in a position to lead a group of talented people.

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