Bill Goldberg On Being A Fan Of Brock Lesnar, Not Being A Promo Guy, Recent Knee Surgeries


Goldberg recently sat down with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN to talk about his career in the NFL, how he came up in the business of wrestling, his match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series and how WWE 2K17 helped spark his return.

Becoming a pro wrestler:

I for a number of years was asked to become a professional wrestler because I was in Atlanta, I was with the Falcons, I was — I mean you go back to the Georgia days, I rubbed shoulders with these guys for 20 years. That was something I really took seriously, it’s weird how I ended up in the business. I came up with a gimmick — I’m me, there is no character. There really isn’t, when I lower my voice and try and talk mean, well yeah that’s the only shtick there is.

Coming back for one last match in WWE:

The promo that I did in Denver, I was definitely afraid of doing that because I’m not a mic guy. I’m not a entertainer like that, I smash people. That’s how I entertain people, that’s what gets people at the edge of their seat, not by what I say. So after 12 years they are expecting to hear from me. When you’re a 30-year-old terminator, they don’t want to see anything negative, but when you’re one click away from the big 5-0 I think you can come back and show a vulnerable side. I’ve been a fan of his (Brock Lesnar) for a long time, I was at his fights for god sake. At the end of the day, 12 years removed, he’s the last guy I wrestled, I beat him, not many people on the planet have done that.

How many knee surgeries he’s had in the last few months:

Two. It’s not like I’ve been staying at 280 for the last 12 years either. You only live once, and I got the opportunity because of a situation. 2K brought me to the forefront with the video game again, obviously I’m a downloadable character on it. Special character, then Brock is on the cover, so you know people are gonna say ‘Well it’s fantasy in the video game, lets make it real and Goldberg come back and you guys fight again.’