Blue Pants on Her WWE NXT Status, Which Top WWE Diva She Wants In a Singles Match, More

Blue Pants

– Indie wrestler Leva Bates, known in WWE NXT as Blue Pants, recently appeared on The Roman Show. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Her WWE status:

“I am something they never really have happened before, I’m a free agent. I come and go. You really never know when I’m going to pop up that’s the kind of appeal of Blue Pants. She’s the wacky next door neighbor. You really never know when she’s going to show up.”

How the character came about:

“It was kind of an accident, to be honest. They called me in. I was just going to be a girl to wrestle Carmella for her debut. I was standing there wearing the blue pants, while they were going over the promo and they decided, creative decided, well instead of having a normal debut, where she comes out I’m already out. Cass had a match and it didn’t really happen because their opponents turned on each other, so they didn’t even wrestle. They had all this time, and asked us if we wanted to wrestle. I asked Carmella if she wanted to wrestle and that’s how it literally happened.”

Who she wants to face:

“I wrestled her in tag matches, I haven’t really wrestled her in singles matches, I would love to wrestle Paige one on one. I think that would be a really cool match. It’s been so long since we wrestled each other. Every time we wrestled, it was more like Re-Generation X vs the Knight Dynasty, so we never really had a one-on-one, so I think that would be really cool, plus we both have black and blue hair, so it’ll be kind of a cool pairing up.”

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