Bray Wyatt on Facing Brock Lesnar at WWE Roadblock, The Wyatt Family Hand Symbol, WrestleMania

Bray Wyatt

– Bray Wyatt recently spoke with The Philly Voice to promote WWE’s WrestleMania 32. The full interview can be read at this link. Below are highlights:

Before WrestleMania, you have a match against Brock Lesnar coming up at WWE Roadblock this Saturday night. What are your thoughts heading into this particular match?

I’ve never faced Brock Lesnar before. One of the few I haven’t danced with yet, and I’m looking very much forward to it. Each individual you go into battle with, you have to handle them in a precise manner. And I’ve faced The Undertaker, John Cena and Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar is different than them all. Brock Lesnar is the Beast. Even though I haven’t competed against him in just one-on-one circumstances, I’ve been in there with him, so I know exactly what he’s capable of. We’re talking about a very dangerous individual. But, on the flip side of that, I like to believe I’m a dangerous individual, too. I’m someone that he wouldn’t see on a daily basis because I’ve got some things that come out of my brain that no one else does. So I think that me and Brock is a very big matchup and if I do get this win, if I do go in there and beat Brock Lesnar right before WrestleMania, I think that would do wonders for my career. So, it’s a big moment for me and I’m ready.

Are you disappointed that your match with Lesnar isn’t a WrestleMania match this year?

Of course I’d rather do it at WrestleMania. Then again, you don’t know what I’m gonna do at WrestleMania. It’s still an open-ended game for me. Like I said, to beat Brock Lesnar right before WrestleMania, you should be owed some kind of spot, some kind of high place – you know, I view myself as a high place player – I’m a serious player in this game and I intend to keep that.

The Wyatt Family has been using an upside down 4 Horsemen symbol in recent months. Is that indicative of something bigger coming down the road in regards to the Wyatts?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. We wanted to see ourselves – you know, if you saw the four of us walking anywhere, if you opened your window and saw the four of us in your front lawn – you would have some feelings about that, I have no doubt. We view ourselves as power. The four horsemen of the apocalypse, it kind of paints a picture as to who we are and certainly who we want to be. We feel that we should be decimating everyone we come in contact with. And that’s always been the plan. We just need to keep our heads forward and just keep kind of plowing and making headway and we’re the four horsemen of the apocalypse of this realm, this universe, which is the WWE.

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