Bret Hart Responds To Seth Rollins Saying He Hurt His Feelings: “You Should Thank Me For Being So Honest”

Bret Hart

On the latest edition of Bret Hart Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer responds to Seth Rollins saying last week on Talk Is Jericho that his comments about being reckless in the ring hurt his feelings.

You shouldn’t be mad at me. You should thank me for being so honest and you should reflect on it and make it a point throughout the rest of your career that you’re never going to injure anyone else like that again. Period. I’m a really big fan of Seth’s . . . I think that’s why I made such a strong criticism. It’s meant to make him think. It’s not a personal attack. It’s a professional criticism of his work.

Hart went on to describe what he saw when viewing the July 27, 2015 episode of Raw where John Cena suffered a broken nose in a match against Rollins.

He clearly knees John Cena as hard as he can in the face. It’s not John Cena’s fault. If you watch it it’s not John Cena leaning in. It’s Seth Rollins pulling [Cena’s] head down and kneeing him as hard as he can in the face. It’s bullshit. Everything I said is true. And if he’s got hurt feelings, it’s better to have hurt feelings than a broken, shattered face.

However, Hart doesn’t lay the blame solely on Rollins. “The Hit Man” criticizes the road agents, Vince McMahon and Triple H for not “schooling” the talent on what is wrong and right. Hart also takes the time to address comments Chris Jericho made in his podcast with Rollins about the kick from Goldberg that ended Hart’s career.

The truth is Goldberg kicked me in the head cause he didn’t know what he was doing similar to Seth Rollins throwing a knee into someone’s face and not knowing what he’s doing . . . It’s not a small error it’s a huge error. He’s lucky he didn’t kill John Cena.

Although he admits to not seeing the Night of Champions match between Rollins and Sting, Hart talks about his experience working with older wrestlers.

I told [Jerry “The King” Lawler and Bob Backlund] I worked down and worked their styles with a thumb to the throat and selling . . . What happened with Sting, again, I didn’t see it if he hurt Sting by throwing him into a turnbuckle and he hurt himself really bad, you have to question, why are you throwing a 58-year-old guy into a turnbuckle?