Bubba Ray Dudley Twitter Q&A: WWE World Heavyweight Title, The Usos, Mae Young, TNA vs. WWE, More

Bubba Ray Dudley

– Bubba Ray Dudley did a Twitter Q&A today while traveling with WWE. Below are highlights:

If Spike Dudley will return:

If the Attitude Era was the favorite time in his career:

If he wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion or just Tag Team Champion:

Advice for aspiring pro wrestlers:

If we will see girlfriend Velvet Sky in WWE soon:

Who he wishes he could put through a table:

If helping future talents is something he always wanted to do or if it just developed naturally:

How he would rate TNA vs. WWE:

What is he most proud of, his TNA World Title run or his Tag Title runs?

The Usos returning:

A fan saying Bubba would prefer to train pro wrestlers over sports entertainers:

The current WWE roster:

How nervous was he before putting Mae Young through a table:

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