Carmella Photos You Need To See


Carmella calls herself “fabulous” and it’s unwise to disagree. “The Princess of Staten Island” has a sassy attitude and the fashion sense to match. “Mella” deals out hard kicks and elbows. She’s also skilled at escaping submission holds.

Carmella now has her eye on regaining the SmackDown Women’s Championship and she won’t stop at anything to get it.

Hot Photos Of Carmella’s Booty
Carmella has a great backside and she’s not afraid to flaunt it. Check out these 10 hot shots of “The Princess of Staten Island” showing off her beautiful booty.

Hot Carmella Photos You Need To See
Carmella proves why she’s among the hottest women in WWE in these photos that show “The Princess of Staten Island” wearing very little and leaving even less to the imagination.

Part 1: 10 Photos | Part 2: 10 Photos

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