Cesaro on Vince McMahon’s Comments, His Relationship with Tyson Kidd, What Defines Him, More


– As seen above, this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Cesaro. Below are highlights:

* Cole reveals that WWE’s website will be running a feature on Cesaro in the next few weeks and they asked him about Vince McMahon’s comments on Cesaro not connecting and lacking some skills during Steve Austin’s podcast. Cesaro says he heard Vince’s comments while driving and “white knuckled” the steering wheel. Cesaro says he walked up to Vince the next night and said, “Vince, challenge accepted.” Cesaro says then he and Tyson Kidd won the WWE Tag Team Titles.

* Cole asks about his relationship with Kidd. Cesaro says he’s lucky to call Kidd a good friend. He says they found out about teaming on Twitter and just clicked. He says they’re both very similar, had similar upbringings with a love for wrestling. He says they pride themselves on what they do in the ring and all they talk about is wrestling. He says they want to be the best team ever. Cesaro says he wears the Kidd armband today to continue spreading the message. Cesaro says you don’t find friends like that very often.

* Cole brings up Cesaro’s various roles in WWE and asks what has defined his career the most. Cesaro says what defines him the most is what he does in the ring. He says he delivers every time he steps in the ring and it may take some time to catch on, but people see that and appreciate the hard work.

* Cole brings up his recent matches with John Cena and announces he will face Seth Rollins on SmackDown. Cesaro says this match is very important because everyone want to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cesaro says he’s here to be the best and wants to be champion. He’s here to prove to everyone that what he says is true – he delivers every time he steps in the ring.

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