Chris Jericho On Why There Isn’t “Stupid Idiot” Merchandise, Social Media’s Impact on Wrestling

Chris Jericho

Don’t expect WWE to release any merchandise featuring Chris Jericho’s oft-used phrase “stupid idiot.”

“I have a real rule that when I’m heel I don’t want the WWE selling my merchandise,” the WWE Superstar said during an interview with promoting The Jericho Network on PodcastOne.

“I don’t want someone in the crowd wearing a shirt with that phrase and thinking it’s funny when it’s supposed to be an insult. I still have enough old school in me that I don’t want people wearing my slogans or phrases that are supposed to be booing me. Does it really matter? Probably not. But it’s one of those things to me that it does matter. Maybe it will piss you off that there are no shirts out there so it will make you boo or hate me more.”

Jericho, who has had an online presence since his time in WCW in the late 1990s, was asked if social media has helped the progression of professional wrestling.

“To me it doesn’t really matter. It’s the way of the world now and you have to adapt. I don’t think the world is better. Growing up in my era things were magical as you didn’t know wrestling wasn’t fully legit. You were watching stories unfold as they were meant to do. Same thing going to a movie. I don’t want to read the plot line before I go because I want to see what the director’s way that he wanted. One of my favorites things to do but also least favorite things to do is look up a band’s set list while they are on tour. But it was sure a lot more fun when you didn’t know if your favorite song was going to play,” Jericho said.

“I don’t know if social media has hurt wrestling. But I think it has created a certain sense of entitlement to a certain part of the fan base. They think they should know everything and it eliminates that magical sense. Like when I return and nobody knows about it, I like that. I pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and it’s getting harder and harder to do these days.”

Jericho also discussed the process of launching his podcast network, his current run in WWE, and Fozzy. Check out the interview here.