Chris Jericho Says He's Taking A Break From Wrestling Soon -

Chris Jericho Says He’s Taking A Break From Wrestling Soon

Chris Jericho

According to Chris Jericho, his current WWE coming to an end.

“We’re getting ready to put out a new Fozzy record, and I can’t do wrestling and music at the same time. So I think this [wrestling] run is pretty much winding down at this point,” Jericho said in an interview with Forbes hyping WrestleMania 33. “It’s time to take a break from wrestling and work on some of these other things that have been on the back burner and are starting to come to fruition.”

WWE has Jericho advertised for some shows in June, including the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on June 4, although it could be an oversight on their end. Jericho said that he is will to work WWE live events when he’s free.

“If there’s a tour of Japan or a tour of Australia, I’ll go if I’m free,” Jericho said. “If there’s a weekend I’m free, I’ll do it in Peoria or Lakeland, Florida. It doesn’t matter to me how big or small the shows are, because they all count. I still enjoy it, and when it’s time for me to come back, if that time comes and when that time comes, then I’ll come back the same way I always do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jericho talked about the success of his podcast, which WWE Legend turned him onto podcasting, The Jericho Network and more.