CM Punk Clarifies Tweet Calling Susan G. Komen’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign ‘A Scam’

CM Punk

As noted Monday night, CM Punk took aim at Susan G. Komen, the most widely known and largest-funded breast cancer organization in the United States. The UFC fighter and former WWE Superstar wrote on Twitter, “If you’re going to give money to a company that claims to raise money for finding a cure for cancer, please do some research. Komen is a scam.”

This caused a stir with wrestling fans because WWE has continued its partnership with Komen to raise funds through the annual “Rise Above Cancer” campaign in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout October, WWE is utilizing all its assets to generate awareness, including television broadcasts. The WWE announcer table, entrance ramp and ring skirts will be co-branded and the middle ring rope turned pink. WWE is also donating to Komen 20 percent of the retail sales price of all co-branded merchandise sold on and at live events.

Punk, who is currently being sued by WWE’s Senior Ringside Physician, Dr. Chris Amann, for defamation, quickly clarified his critical remark to fans, saying it has nothing to do with wrestling.

It should be noted that Punk showed support for the campaign in 2013. He appears in this promotional video with WWE Superstars, where he says, “Never stop fighting.”