Daniel Bryan Says WWE Has Not Created Enough New Stars

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is currently traveling worldwide to help promote the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game, among other things. On Thursday, he was in Dubai and had an interview with The National, Abu Dhabi Media’s first English-language news publication. The National asked Bryan about Steve Austin being on the cover of the game instead of a current WWE Superstar. This is what he had to say:

“It is interesting because I see it two ways. I see maybe people who don’t watch it anymore, who were big fans in the Attitude Era, which was the most popular time in wrestling. It would appeal to people who may not be watching the current product, but would be interested in the video game. One of the things I think it shows is that we have not really created enough new stars, to where we put new stars on the front of the video game, so that should be the overall bigger concern. We need to not just rely on people from the past. There is almost this mentality these stars are bigger than the current stars, and they keep going with the mentality when the guys now are every bit as good as the guys from before, it is just they need to be given the platform.”

Bryan shared his thoughts on plenty of other things, including his No. 1 dream match being against Brock Lesnar. Click here read the full interview.