Daniel Bryan Talks About Getting Into A Heated Argument With Triple H

In a recent interview to promote his new book, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan talked about having a heated argument with Triple H in 2013. Bryan had suffered a “stinger” during a match with Randy Orton at a time when Bryan’s popularity was soaring, heading into SummerSlam 2013.

In the middle of the match, which took place on the June 17, 2013 episode of Raw, Bryan suffered the “stinger,” leaving his arms useless. Knowing how big the win was going to look on television, as the match was happening live on “Monday Night Raw” in the height of the original “Yes Movement,” Bryan kept wanting to finish the match, even without feeling in his arms.

Triple H then stopped the match from the back, causing Bryan to get furious. However, as he says in the following interview, he quickly realized he was wrong, and Triple H was just looking out for the long-term health of both Bryan and Orton.

“I had gotten a stinger in a match and lost feelings in both of my arms. I have a mentality of never stopping a match. Whether it’s really good or really bad, that’s my mentality.

I had never had a stinger before. Triple H tells the medical doctor at ringside to stop the match. I sprinted into the ring and tried to keep the match going with Randy Orton, because this was going to be the biggest win of my career to that point.

I did a top rope dropkick, and I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t move my arms. Randy, he’s on the ground going ‘Dan, Dan, what the F are you doing?’

When I came back[stage], I was hot. I don’t want to say we got nose-to-nose, because he’s 6’3. We came pretty close. They’re more conscious of protecting us from ourselves.”