Dean Ambrose on Facing Triple H at WWE Roadblock, Why He Feels Like WWE Is His Company Now, More

Dean Ambrose

– As seen above, this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Dean Ambrose. Below are highlights:

* Cole brings up Dean’s shot against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at WWE Roadblock this Saturday and asks if he thought Triple H would give him the match. Ambrose says that’s why he walked out on RAW and got in Triple H’s face. Ambrose says Triple H knows he can’t beat him. Ambrose says Triple H likes to rationalize and explain away things when they don’t go his way. Ambrose brushes off the beatdown from two weeks ago. He says if he wins at Roadblock, Triple H will just call it a fluke but he won’t be able to explain that away.

* Ambrose does his best Triple H impersonation and says all his big talking is just weakness. Ambrose isn’t trying to fool anyone into believing he’s some kind of indestructible monster like a lot of guys. Ambrose says he’s real and doesn’t start living until he gets punched

* Cole mentions how Ambrose will change the landscape of WrestleMania 32 if he wins on Saturday. Ambrose says that’s not his problem and he doesn’t put these things together. Ambrose feels like WWE is his company because he’s the guy on the road 300 days every year, taking whatever is put on his plate. Ambrose says the people see that and Vince McMahon might own the company but it belongs to him now. Ambrose says Triple H will show him that respect at Roadblock

* Cole asks what WWE would look like with Dean as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Ambrose says, “Best for business.”

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