Dean Ambrose Hates The Word ‘Selfie,’ Says Fans Leaking Spoiler Photos Are ‘A–Holes’

Dean Ambrose

During an interview with GameSpot at a WWE 2K16 promotional event, Dean Ambrose spoke out on spoilers leaking online and fans sending photos of things that are meant to be surprises.

“Yeah, a lot of fans kinda take the magic away. But it’s been like this for years now, where they dig and search for every little bit of info and spend so much time deciphering everything and overthinking things. That’s just an outlet for their passion for wrestling, but it does take away the magic sometimes, so I almost wish people would stop doing that. But if you take a picture of somebody and post it online, you’re an asshole. I hate having my picture taken in general. And if I’m not allowing it… and it’s just gotten worse over time. I don’t understand pictures at airports. And I hate the word selfie. Any man that uses it needs to reevaluate a lot of their life.

“I can’t imagine, I can’t get in the mind of a wrestling fan who wants to break news that spoils a surprise for somebody. Would you want a surprise spoiled? Say you saw Sting at the airport and tipped everybody off that Sting was going to make an appearance that night, and then you ruin the surprise for people who went out of the way not to get the surprise ruined. Would you want your surprised ruined? I’d be, ‘Don’t tell me, don’t tell me who you saw at the airport.’ I like to live a spoiler-free life.”

Ambrose also discussed if he’s a gamer and if he wishes he wrestled in a different era. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.